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Read what pastors have said about their Encounter experience:

"I cannot recommend enough Rhythms of Grace to other pastors, regardless of what season of ministry you find yourself in. Linda has designed this retreat in such a way as to maximize your time away with an opportunity to find rest, renewal, & joy in our Creator."     Gabe Barber

"Pastors are always so focused on others that often times they fail to look after themselves. This retreat gives pastors the tools and the means to flourish in ministry for the long haul. Coming for the two days can and will change the trajectory of your ministry."     Dave Johnson

"This retreat is created for pastors and those serving in ministry, and I am going home refreshed and revived. Linda & the team created the space and the Holy Spirit showed up. I’d recommend it to anyone!"     Rachel Hehr

"The instructional times were tremendously helpful in clarifying for me constant areas of spiritual struggle with pastoral ministry. The time was renewing in itself, wonderful clergy fellowship and spiritual guidance for where to go from here."     Dennis Montzingo

"A great opportunity for pastors to learn and share together as only pastors will truly understand. Linda does a great job of leading us as pastors to know God personally apart from what we do!"     Dave Higle

"Highly recommend: I experienced the presence of God in ways I never have before."     Ricardo Garza

"Linda and her team are great guides! This retreat will give you a great opportunity to get away & learn to be with God & learn (or re-learn) to walk with Jesus in his “unforced rhythms of grace”. This is especially good for pastors & people in ministry to slow down, be quiet and just be."     Josh Hall

"If I had known how much value would be added to my life and my walk with God, I would’ve signed up much sooner. I became aware of what I was missing out on, especially in the area of stillness and quiet."     Patricia Hatcher-Jones

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