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Read what pastors have said about their Encounter experience:

"It was when I felt I was at my wits' end.  I was feeling burned out and not knowing who can Pastor the Pastor, then the answer came.  JESUS. I received an email and pondered over whether or not I should take part in what was called a Pastor's Retreat and the Spirit said, "Yes."  I did, and God did, and now I am renewed and on point in my purpose for which I was called. I did not know what to expect, but I've learned expecting is not it. Obedience to the Spirit is.  How sweet was God's touch to my spirit and to my soul. I got to deepen my love for Jesus.  I got to hear God in my Spirit like never before.   Thank you Jesus."    

Juanita Mason

“I sat in absolute wonder and joy as I listened to the hearts of pastors. After spending time alone with God and His servants, they began to sense hope and renewal. Tears streamed down their faces; songs of joy sprang from their lips; weariness was replaced by strength–a strength they once had experienced in ministry.  I was impacted personally as I sat in their midst. Friends, I cannot stress enough the need to spend intentional time away with the Lord. These pastors are now convinced!”    

Mike Higley